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Contemporary Edition

Untitled 260 | 2011

Neil Craver


Art-Nr.: ID-NCR-omni-04

  • Edition 40 x 60 cm limited to: 90 + 1 AP

    Artist Proof (AP)
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  • Edition 80 x 120 cm limited to: 9 + 1 AP

    Artist Proof (AP)
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The young photographer from North Carolina experimented at the beginning of his artistic career with abstract painting and figurative sculptures. His work was and is still dominated by his interest in the effects that colour shades, the so-called chroma, have on the human psyche and his body. Due to this motivation Craver started to increase his work with the photographic medium. To progress with his art he studied photographic technique at Randolph Community College in Asheboro, North Carolina.


In photography, the values of all other arts combine into form of expression, which, however, differs for the artist in its capacity as the basis of all existence. Craver explores with the camera his own intrinsic affairs and feelings, at the same time, he uses photography to visualize contemporary comments on the "original thoughts" of the world. Photography appears to be the most suitable medium for Craver’s quest to turn the invisible inside outside and to give him a visibility.

In his series OMNI-PHANTASMIC at first glance the opposites drowning/floating,  falling/flying and live/die form the centre of his work. Craver deals both conceptually and visually with these indispensable related bodily states. The artist, however, aims to go deeper under the surface. In their floating state under water the bodies of the women – who represent the human in general – dissolve out of their materiality. Craver tries to visualize with his colourful, dreamy photographs the strong influence of unconscious elements and factors in life and to capture the driving force behind it. 


Neil Craver lives and works in North Carolina. In the course of his work as an international fashion photographer, he was also active in Italy, France and Japan.

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