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Contemporary Edition

The Drop

Lissy Elle

Year: 2010

Print: GICLÉE FINE ART PRINT ON HAHNEMÜHLE BARYTA PAPER. SIGNED, DATED verso INCL. CERTIFICATE. Papersize: 40 x 40 cm | Imagesize: 35 x 35 cm


Art-Nr.: ID-LIS-99-20

  • Edition 40 x 40 cm limited to: 90 + 1 AP

    Artist Proof (AP)
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  • Edition 80 x 80 cm limited to: 9 + 1 AP

    Artist Proof (AP)
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At the age of 13 years, the Canadian artist discovered photography as an art form for herself and developed a strong passion for it. The artist herself describes photography as a way to escape from the difficulties of growing up, while it serves her as well a way to extend her childhood and youth. It allows her, for example, to still celebrate tea parties as an 18 year old, to stroll around the woods in a white fairy dress and to perceived the world not from the perspective of a child, but through their eyes.


The childish dominates in many of her paintings. Colourful butterflies captured in large jars, swings decorated with balloons in huge climbing trees, a forest full of colourful balloons make her motives - and the artist herself in the midst. Lissy Elle photographs mostly herself for her pictures. She is often accompanied by a large oversized teddy bear that emphasizes the Artist’s childish character and personality, but also stands as a symbol of childhood for itself. Not only the motives, but also the colours and the light that induce a dreamy, velvety atmosphere transmit the childlike in Lissy Elle.

But there seems to also be a more grown up site in Lissy Elle, which is does not remind of figures from Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland". In this images the models take no childlike poses, also their actions and their surroundings do not remind of cotton candy and hot chocolate. The focus of the photographs lies on the physicality of the depicted person. Lissy Elle seems to dissolve with these images in a way from her youthful nature and takes herself and the viewer side in adult on a journey into a more grown up world.

The artist succeeds with combining her childlike side with her grown side, her photographs, no matter what goal they aspire, are full of personality.


Lissy Elle lives and works in New York | USA.

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